Edible wildlife gardening balance: Native plants, flowers, nuts, and berries with vegetables such as tomatoes and butternut squash.

Edible & Wildlife Gardening

Year-round gardening of organic vegetables and wildlife gardening from our 8-acre woodlands in North Carolina. Welcome to All I Plant, a gardening site focused to sustainably grow vegetables while improving biodiversity one yard at a time.

What Would Mother Nature Do?

I routinely ask myself “What would Mother Nature Do?” while gardening. It’s a question with 5 words with an infinite amount of answers. I post frequently on Instagram, and this blog is an addendum where we dig deeper *pun intended*. This question has become a methodology guiding a mindful approach to gardening while respecting the surrounding nature.

Heirloom tomatoes backdropped with zinnias.

Growing vegetables organically to nurture ourselves and the environment.

Foraged edibles from native plants, trees, shrubs, and mushrooms.

Designing space influenced by Mother Nature promotes biodiversity.

Edible garden designed with layers as observed in nature.

Encouraging an ecosystem’s ‘checks and balances’ from roots to seed = healthier crops.

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there are 80,000 species of edible plants on Earth


of the food humans eat come from an estimated 30 plants


in every 3 bites of food is thanks to a pollinator


can make a difference starting in your backyard