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Welcome to All I Plant! This site focuses on gardening that beneficially enriches biodiversity while growing food.

My name is Allison Pittman and I’m happy that we have crossed e-paths. I have worked in the horticulture industry professionally for 10+ years with experience in garden design, horticulture therapy, propagation, education, and greenhouse management. Being a 4th generation gardener, soil has always been in my blood.

As I grew up, I went down the traditional path of pursuing a desk job. It was exciting to be a software engineer working for international corporations, but not exactly as rewarding like eating the first tomato sandwich of the season. I always found my eyes wondering to the windows overlooking tree canopies from my skyscraper point of view. It was a “call of the wild” that I was missing.

2010: This was our “lawn” when we first moved out to the country.

My husband, Steve, and I listened to that calling and moved to the country after living in an HOA neighborhood for 10 years. There was literally no lawn at our new country home! Ticks were horrible. The landscape was horrid! The lawn consisted of hard, red clay sporadically freckled with wildflowers, wire grass, brambles, poison ivy, a few patches of fescue grass, and sedum. Yet one thing the country had that our HOA suburban home did not have: an abundance of wildlife such as toads, lizards, salamanders, winged creatures, turkey, fox, and deer.

2011: After a year of lawn maintenance, our lawn was aesthetically pleasing but we saw firsthand our negative impact on biodiversity.

Compromises were needed though. We had a one year old child at the time who would soon want to explore the outdoors. We needed help. We hired a lawn maintenance company. The company sprayed herbicides on that wild patchy terrain and almost magically overnight the unwanted weeds died including that clover I actually liked. “Real grass” started to grow, synthetic fertilizer applications became a necessity, and routine herbicides were needed throughout the year. What was once wild became tame and familiar. But then we sadly noticed the “call of the wild” became quiet. It was a sobering feeling both Steve and I regretted. This was one of the catalysts that kickstarted my horticultural career. Needless to say, a lawn maintenance company has never visited since.

Native bee on Echinacea purpurea, the Eastern purple coneflower.
Carpenter bee on Echinacea purpurea (Eastern purple coneflower).

Nature is all around us. Connections between plants and animals strategically evolved for millions of years. It still sickens me we applied chemicals on our lawn because we saw firsthand the negative impact we had on biodiversity. For the pass years, I have gardened our 8 acres in a balancing dance with Mother Nature. I’ve taken two steps backwards and one step forward multiple times with lessons learned.

My respect and gratitude for Mother Nature runs deep. As human beings, we too are part of nature and ultimately nature provides for us. Now, this blog does not intend to solve Climate Change and the world’s problem. But this blog’s intention is to seek answers to the fundamental question: “What would Mother Nature do?” It has guided my gardening approach and methodology. It is the foundation of this gardening Website.

I hope my shared experiences, challenges, failures, and success engage discussion where we learn from each other. I post frequently on Instagram and consider this blog an IG addendum that digs deeper *pun intended* on gardening topics and ways to improve biodiversity, one backyard at a time. Thanks again for visiting All I Plant!

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Horticulturist with an emphasis on improving biodiversity one yard at time. Organic vegetable and wildlife gardening.

2 thoughts on “An Introductory from the Author

  1. Allison, how neat. The flowers and herbs by the driveway are beautiful. Bet you beat your dads gardening this year and sounds like his was pretty good!😊. I know you feel joy and satisfaction from when the yummy Veges start to ripen. Give my love to your family. Happy thanksgiving! Love, Judy

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